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Parking application for Bada platform made in cooperation with Samsung Baltic partner. It enables the user to quickly and easily pay the parking ticket via SMS message.

This function is available only for registered users, to the precondition for using the application is the registration with the user’s service provider. The parking fee is charged through user’s monthly bill for mobile services.

Application contains the list of cities and parking zones that allow SMS message payment, as well as basic information about the zone. When using it for the first time, it is necessary to enter the registration plate’s number for which the payment will be done. The user then chooses the location (city) and the parking zone.

It is also possible to choose duration of parking (Lithuania), whether the user wishes to use his free minutes for parking (Estonia), receive a reminder of parking time expiration etc. Thus created message is then ready to be sent.

During the parking period, user can see the page with city and parking zone data he/she has paid for, as well as the time when the message has been sent. For some states (Latvia, Estonia) it is possible to terminate the parking time at any given moment by sending the cancelation message.

  • Available languages: English, Lithuanian (English, Estonian/English, Latvian).
  • Supported devices: Wave II(S8530), Wave II(S8530), Wave(S8500)
  • Supported operating systems: bada 1.0, bada 1.1