Billans is a new, innovative web accounting application, made to upgrade and automate business processes in order to increase the profitability of small and medium enterprises. It is a unique ‘cloud‘ solution based on SaaS (Software as a Service) model, which, besides the standard accounting modules, includes other aspects of businesses thus creating a unified, highly secured system.

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Banka Koper

The "Skrbnik" application allows surveillance over the work of mutual funds, pension funds and investment companies. All data on portfolio state, investment traffic, deposits, payments and other transaction information that affect the monetary unit, are sent to the surveillance administrator. The application enables entering data which are relevant for assessment, calculation, comparative analysis of values etc. Also the application generates all the relevant reports.

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Skrbniške banke

A software intended for efficient business support of investment funds and client relationship management (CRM). It enables simple transactions, records, and review of the information on deposits and payments, following the rules that are preordered regarding these actions – conversion of deposits into payment units, calculation of provisions and reporting, etc…

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Web FundWeb Fund

Web Fund is a web application for investment fund clients. The software enables secure creation of access, payment requests and overview of transactions, protected by digital certificate. Digital certificate acts as a client signature, so the client can use these functions over the internet. Most interesting feature for the clients is the possibility to overview his/her data and state, as the values are updated on daily basis.

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eDZU is a web application that enables communication between the investment funds participants: clients, broker houses, banks etc… It enables definition and transaction of messages, tasks and documents between the participants in accord with their predefined roles and statuses. It also has the possibilities of multiple kinds of user notifications (online, email, SMS…).

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ASO mv.net is a web expansion to the information system implemented in Adriatic Slovenica insurance company. It was made in order to support the new law of Serbia which demands the communication and checking of serial numbers and insurance policies statuses with the information system of Serbian Insurance Association (UOS).

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AS informacioni sistemAS information system

More information about AS information system will come soon.


GtradeSTS - Simulation of trading strategies

STS is a software tool that facilitates the work on financial market. The application simulates trading. The user can enter the parameters and perform the asynchronous simulation and indication of process progression. The given results can then be statistically processed and graphically presented. Also, the results of a simulation can be exported or imported as XML documents.

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GTrade is a windows application that offers efficient support for gold investment process. It offers suitable mechanisms for payment and deposit overview, accounting and overseeing the current states of investors together with the accompanying reports.

dotnet 3.5 sql server 2008