Basic features
  • Product catalog
  • Buyer and seller record
  • Product entrance
  • Product dispatching
  • Stock state
  • Leveling
  • Selling price calculation
  • Financial overview
Itemer is cataloging software with basic accounting features. It is intended for small and medium enterprises, regardless of their field of expertise. It can easily be adjusted to the specific company needs, i.e. upgraded with additional calculations and accounting.

Multiple users and privileges

Software is adjusted to work with multiple users that have strictly defined access privileges. Activity log is integrated into Itemer, so that everyday work with it can be monitored on a daily basis.

Cashier work

The existing software expansions are ItelCalc, which is a retail cashier function, that offers the possibility of barcode reader function and plugging to external display and cash box, and ItelAdmin, which is used for data administration and database recovery.

The software has multilingual support and the possibility of connection with virtually any existing information system available. It is very intuitive and easy for use.