Multimedia browsing

The application offers the possibility of browsing and searching the stored entities database. Browsing and search is done via simple query, i.e. entering the wanted text that searches the archive, or via advanced search, where the necessary attribute values are entered, and processed via search engine. The result is displayed for all entities that satisfy the search parameters criteria, and also sorts them by document type.

Cultural digital archive (CDA) is a web application for cataloging cultural heritage. It allows description of cultural entities according to CCO standard, search and browsing of stored heritage. It also has the possibility of storing digital documents (text, video, images…) of a processed entity. Application has multilingual support.

User administration

CDA has the possibility for multiple users, out of which each one has predefined privileges and authorizations defined by user group he/she belongs to. Group of users with absolute privileges has the possibility of creating new entities, modifying and deleting the existing ones, adding, changing and erasing the documents, as well as searching the database. There are also groups which can only add new and search and browse existing content, as well as groups that can only view content.

The software allows complete control over defining and administrating user groups and its privileges, so that an administrator can adjust them according to user needs.

CCO standard

Cataloging cultural heritage according to CCO standards provides description of elements or entities that are stored. For certain attributes there are predefined values. Users with according privileges can change and update their predefined values, define the hierarchy between them etc…

Entity description is organized according to CCO standard and divided into segments for easier storage. Segments are logically defined and within each segment values are entered for several attributes. Some of the attributes are purely descriptional, and user can enter text for them, while others have predefined values which a user can choose from. Also, if a user has privileges for adding new attribute values, he/she can enter new predefined ones. Overview of entered values for the entity that is currently processed is always visible on the right side panel and facilitates the process.