Customisation to your needs

Software offers the possibility of customization and configuration of working parameters according to your business specifications, such as entering basic data about your business, appearance of official documents as well as milk buyout methods, premium and stimulation payments.

Milk-Maid is software made to automate and accelerate the processes within a dairy farm, reducing the time necessary for administration and everyday work to minimum, while respecting the specifics of dairy production and legal procedures. The purpose of this software is helping everyday processes flow with as few standstills as possible and with as much control as needed by the production.


Software contains the complete list of dairy manufacturers and all the necessary data regarding them (basic data, number of livestock, milk fat percentage, last buyout…). For every buyout, data is stored regarding the transaction, such as amount bought, milk fat, delivery time etc. Also financial reports regarding each manufacturer are stored.

Milk buyout

By using Milk-Maid software, buyout is completely automated and facilitated. User can record and review the transactions from all the manufacturers stored, with all the necessary data. Buyout calculation is completely automated and transferred to manufacturer’s financial part. Software also offer the various statistic reviews.


Milk-Maid allows for reviewing all employees and work shifts, which facilitates the production flow overview, i.e. storage traffic. The products list can be updated and modified, invoiced …

The software also records all the buyers of dairy products, their financial transactions forma and to the dairy farm, their debts, financial states etc. It also records package data such as purchase, debts, transport lines records and vehicles etc… Transport lines overview allows the user to see which lines and relations are needed to acquire the goods.