NETIC system is created in cooperation with our partner-company GOAP from Nova Gorica, Slovenia. It is a complex software system designed to upgrade and simplify the control of appliances which are used in the environment of a modern man. The purpose of NETIC system is control and automation of living space, business environments as well as entertainment and tourism facilities. NETIC uses several communication protocols between computers and devices, enabling users to control virtually any of their parameters, while sitting comfortably in front of the TV, using only the remote control.

With NETIC system, you can control and manage built in functions and devices in a room such as temperature control (heating and AC), curtains, shades, lights, alarm system, refrigerator or washing machines. Beside direct control over the appliances, NETIC gives you the possibility of defining the rules and scenarios which include setting multiple parameters for multiple devices that will be executed according to the conditions you set (time, temperature, upon user leaving the room, etc…). Also NETIC system has built in TV, radio and Internet support, as well as many other features.


NETIC system for your home

By installing NETIC system in your home or workspace, you can significantly reduce your energy consumption. For example, the built-in heating and AC regulation controls offer you the possibility to create scenarios so that they do not consume energy unnecessarily. For instance, you can set the heating system to turn itself on one hour before you come home to work, and turn itself off when you leave the house, thus rationalizing the consumption of energy and reducing your expanses. This is just one of many examples how NETIC system can make your home comfortable and help you cut your monthly costs.

NETIC sistem for hotels

Installing NETIC system in your hotel rooms will prove beneficial for both you and your guests. The system offers your guests such services as weather forecast and special offers, but it can also integrate any other additional services your hotel can provide. Also, NETIC system offers greater security to both you and your occupants. You can monitor all the devices in every room, activate and deactivate the water and energy flow to specific rooms, thus preventing any accidents or infrastructure damage that might take place. The system comes with an alarm that automatically reports any function errors that might occur to a device.


NETIC system consists of several applications that are each adjusted to specific user needs.


NETICmedialight is a software solution that, besides allowing them to watch TV and listen to the radio, also enables users to control the environment devices (such as light, AC, shades).


The application also offers all kinds of information to the users, such as weather forecast, discount offers form the provider, etc. Besides that, the application can also warn if the doors are left open, for example, or the heating is off, or offer any other similar warning that user defines.


NETICtouch is an application which grants the users control of the environment over the touch panel device built in the room. Clear and intuitive graphic controls are simple and easy to use. The application can be used for opening doors and gates, but also serves as video interphone. Other than that, as all other NETIC applications, NETICtouch offers the possibility of watching TV program and listening to radio stations.


NETICweb is a web based application for device management over the internet. The user can access and control the devices via his/her computer, PDA device or mobile phone. Beside the standard functions of NETIC applications, user can also define and execute the rules or scenarios, as well as questionnaires that can be offered to guest of a hotel in order to get more information regarding their accommodation needs.





NETICspotplay is a solution that offers displaying different content on any number of screens inside the network.


NETICadministration is intended for system administrators. It allows configuration of all other NETIC system applications: configuring parameters and devices that user can view and change, room structure, TV channel list, guest list etc…


The software and devices, as well as the installation of NETIC system, are very flexible and can be easily adjusted according to the client needs. It also has multilingual support, the possibility of changes according to specific demands etc.